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Walk Through Central Park

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Furrs Mill

Deborah Baird

Deborah Baird was born and raised in Chicago IL.  Baird works predominantly in the mediums of photography and mixed media.  She began drawing and painting at an early age and went on to study graphic design and commercial art in Cincinnati Ohio.  There she embarked on a 20 year career as an art director for the Kroger Corporation and later as partner with RGI Design and Marketing.

Her career gave her the opportunity to work regularly with professional photographers expanding her expertise in photo art direction, set design and food styling.  While in Cincinnati she additionally studied drawing and painting at the Cincinnati Art Academy and life drawing at the Cincinnati Art Club.

Deborah now merges the art of the camera with her original passion for drawing and painting in her "layered imagery" technique.

Deborah Baird resides in Staunton, Virginia.


I have always been fascinated by old places, things abandoned and left for nature and the elements to consume. However lonely, I felt at home as if with an old friend, still beautiful and filled with stories.  My intent is to share those moments.

My camera is the first of many tools I use to evolve my image.  With my camera I capture the moment, composition and lighting.  From there I open my digital artist's tool box further empowering my creativity and vision.  I continue to express my experience by augmenting my original image with layers of handmade and photographic textures, color and light.

Finally I hold the most basic of tools in my hand... touch the paper, draw with my charcoal pencil and rub in color pastel pigments and complete my vision.

How we see and respond to things is very personal and unique. I believe a great photograph is not merely documenting the scene at hand, rather it is about fusing it with the essential vision of the artist.  For me sharing the experience and evoking an emotional response is the best my art can be.


Co-Art Gallery, Staunton VA

Sparrow's Nest Gallery, Hot Spring VA

Staunton Augusta Art Center. Staunton VA

Augusta Art Guild, Augusta KY

 Crossroads Gallery, Richmond VA